Hyperkalemia is a serious medical condition
characterised by excessive serum K+ levels.1

The clinical consequences of hyperkalemia can be
life-threatening, for this reason, maintaining normal
K+ levels is vital.2

Find out more about the clinical consequences of hyperkalemia:

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HK is highly prevalent in CKD3

Almost 3 in 10 patients with CKD have
recurrent hyperkalemic episodes.3

HK is highly prevalent in HF4

Almost 4 in 10 patients with HF have
recurrent hyperkalemic episodes.4

Hyperkalemia is associated with an
increased risk of mortality5

What is

Understand why the regulation
of K+ is vital for normal cellular
function, as well as the causes
of hyperkalemia.

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Risk of

See the prevalence of
hyperkalemia across different
patient populations and learn
more about the mechanisms of
action behind hyperkalemia.

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Impact of

Discover the clinical
consequences of hyperkalemia
in patients with CKD and HF,
and learn why guideline-recommended RAASi therapy is
critical to patient care.

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treatment options

Explore the treatment goals
and clinical considerations of
hyperkalemia, as well as the
therapy options available to
reduce serum K+ levels.

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